Writing Styles that Economics Tuition Students Should Observe

Besides the structure and essential components, the writing style is an important factor while writing the essay on economics. Mr Koh economics tuition follows a framework of PAF (Precision, accuracy and Focus) for this purpose.


This implies brief writing and basic sentences. One example of this is making proper use of full stops! Some students attempt to string together many points thinking this saves time. However, not only do they invest too much energy attempting to structure the sentences, but they may also alter the tone in a statement by use of the run on sentences.

For example, see below the excerpt from an essay:

Singapore adopts an exchange-rate policy given limitations of an interest-rate policy, We need to manage inflation of import-push as Singapore is listed in countries with small and limited economic conditions.

It is not clear whether the underlined statement explains the reason Singapore adopts an exchange-rate policy; or whether it explains the limitations of the interest-rate policy. Instead, divide the given idea into two parts, then use the connective word “furthermore” to avoid any sort of ambiguity.

Singapore follows a policy of exchange- rate that limits policies of interest rate. Furthermore, Singapore being a small and limited economy so it is necessary to maintain inflation of import-push with the help of dollars.


We explained before that definitions and diagrams are like hanging fruits. To put it plainly, invest some energy memorising your definitions and practising the diagrams. Secure the low hanging fruits from the ground, so as to not lose unnecessary marks.

Economics students who are new to the real definitions have a tendency to compose a colourful flurry of words sometimes, in hope that examiners will choose substantial points from their answer. This procedure is a misuse of valuable time and is probably not going to work since it wastes the examiner’s time too. So, get your definitions right.


There are two principal techniques to help you choose the points of focus on an article question:

  • Keywords: underline the keywords and endeavour to separate the significance of the word into a more granular frame (i.e. what I call the ‘1-down’ approach). Frequently, this framework the different perspectives that you have to consider in the paper. By joining the 1-downs from different key phrases in the question and looking at how they collaborate with each other, you will be able to quickly determine your contentions.
  • Sanity Check: this is an exceptionally helpful, yet frequently ignored trick. It is normal for Economics students who are placed under time requirements to “spam content”, this incidentally causes them to be off subject and they wind up with an L1 or low L2 banding.

Basically, the sanity check is to confirm if your subject sentences are addressing the question in the most direct way possible. A few passages are intended to give supporting data and may not answer the question specifically. As a rule, 75% of your point sentences should pass the sanity check. (an excessive amount of data does not contribute towards the answer!)

Mr Koh’s economics tuition is the prime method to achieving the level of precision and accuracy in your essays that you require!  You will be guaranteed improving grades as you learn about economic theory, essay skills, case study skills and more!