Secure Your Ability to Teach with Prohibition Checks and Other Requirements

For individuals looking to undertake teaching work, a prohibition check will be required before the individual can be appointed to the desired position.

These checks ensure that the individual seeking a teaching position is eligible for the job and not prohibited from the teaching profession for one reason or another. Depending on the desired position, this may not be the most appropriate or the only check that is required but there are services out there to help you keep track of the requirements.

Get Your Certificate of Completion

It’s important that you get your certificates through a reliable company to avoid further complications. You can apply for your online prohibition checks via an online service that will carry out the checks on your behalf. Once the order is processed, you will receive a certificate that indicates the check has been completed.

This ensures that you are ready to be appointed to the position and that you have proof of the check that has been carried out by a reputable source. You can then store this data in an online database so that you have it on record.

Manage Your SCR

All schools should have a single central record that logs information regarding staff, any volunteers, and additional professionals who come into the school.

These records can be managed online in a database hosted by a reputable company so that all of your information is stored and easily accessible. You can also get alerts about required checks and have them processed when the time is right.