Learning languages has become easy with SmartClass features

Learning languages has become important and especially speaking English or learning to speak English helps. Certainly, there are many who do not speak English. English is a global lingua and in the recent few years it has become inevitable for most people to learn English. Learning a foreign language is also equally important.

There is no rule to know or learn only English. This attitude develops self-imposed restrictions. There is a need to be monolingual so that your educational development is good and you are not restricted by your communication or thinking abilities. There is no need for you to stay behind and deny the ability of appreciating or understanding the world.

Learning another language helps in opening new opportunities and offers new perspectives that you have never encountered. Social, personal, economic and professional considerations disclose the advantages of acquiring skills of speaking foreign languages.

Fortunately there are now Robotel smartclass that manages class activities from desktop. There are teachers stationed in another monitor and they are dedicated to teach you the control console of the language lab software. The SmartClass language labs employ webcams, audio intercom and desktop screen sharing abilities to help in activities such as model and teacher student presentations, student conversation pairing, monitoring student work, and recording, live testing and launching exercises for self study. The live testing helps in supporting the standardize testing.

Self-study activities are managed by teachers from their desktop.   These teachers create these exercises and assign the students the activities.  The students are expected to complete the exercises online or in the class.   Teachers review the responses of the student and provide feedback as per the student assignments completed.  Teachers are permitted to work in the language lab, from their home, their office, to assign, review, and also to grade students activities.

Self-study exercises are actually assigned to be done anywhere, in-class work or as homework. The teachers develop exercises for self-study using images, audio, text and video.  They create templates that are easy-to-use and are useful for reading, writing, speaking, listening, quizzes and pronunciation activities.  The SmartClass has pronunciation exercises that impart lessons on the technology of speech recognition and there is an advantage here as it offers instant feedback to the students as they hone their skills on speaking. Teachers do not review it manually or do recordings of the grade. It gets auto evaluated based on the application of speech recognition by Artificial intelligence, the sophisticated application.