How to be a job Coach To Make Money

A job coach might be simply defined your work seeking partner. A job coach might be a career management coach, who can help you in managing your job or perhaps a career marketing coach, who can help you build contacts, posts your resumes, tries to get the best jobs for you personally helping you secure the very best jobs. He essentially attempts to market you effectively within the employment market.


Start-up costs might be around $3000 with internet hosting, a pc along with other marketing materials incorporated.

Financing sources:

Banks are forefront in supplying launch loans

Loans in the government

Business organizations that will think about your initiative and perhaps provide you with launch loans.

Loans from government backed self employment programs are useful to begin up in addition to build up your skills like a career coach.

Loans from vc’s and private investors will also be effective. Both can help you financially but

expect a greater rate of return. The angel investor is personally thinking about the development of the business.

Prices guidelines for service:

In the current competitive employment market, you need to cost your merchandise effectively whether it is career marketing or career management. Career coaches bill on an hourly basis. Charges vary from $50 to $200 an hour or so with typically $100-150.

Marketing and advertising Methods and Tips:

You are able to advertise in regional or national newspapers as well as publish ads in universites and colleges.

You can market your ‘career coaching’ in social clubs, parties, get-togethers.

You can print and distribute your company cards.

You can write and distribute press announcements in your area or online that could include tales with ideas and advice that have labored for college students and a lot of people using their career problems.

The equipment:

Typical home pc with database software, word processing software and use of research sites through internet.

Earnings potential:

Billing in the average of $100 each hour, working part-time you’d make money from $8,000 or more. Full-time could be from $16,000 or more should you billed the average of $100 each hour.

Target audience:

There’s a large market where there are plenty of people that are in a crossroads within their career. You will find large amount of teenagers and youthful individuals who make wrong career decisions without introspecting themselves and making the decision according to pressure from peers and also the ‘trends’ within the employment market. An individual who changes their career goals for reasons uknown and it is now uncertain concerning the ways to be successful for the reason that field, would want the expertise of a job coach. There are plenty of people that need support and motivation at each stage of the career whether it is a job interview or throughout a promotion. Job search is really a big industry.

Success tips:

There are plenty of career coaches available. To become different, change your skills and concentrate on the entire personality growth and development of a student or even the person seeking career coaching. Groom her or him in etiquette, presentation and communication skills too. Even though you charge a bit extra, the individual seeking your assistance will hugely take advantage of your invaluable guidance.